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How To Install Your Own Drywall

One of the most practical jobs that you can undertake at your home is drywall installation. You may need a dry as a result of damages that might have been caused by a leaking ceilings or faulty air conditioner. You may also be in your house remodeling projects. You can do the job o your own if you have the right tools, knowledge and skills. There are some basics that you need to know during this task.

The most obvious thing that you should consider is the material. The standard drywall comes with a standard thickness. The most common and recommended size is ‘. This is the recommended thickness in the commercial building because if the high resistance to fire. When a different material is used for the wall surface apart from the common plaster and paneling, ?” drywall is needed. If you are doing a repair or fixing some patches, you should look at the thickness of the drywall and ensure that it matches before buying the material.

You also need look at the application. Most of the ceilings come with a standard grey sheetrock. However, you should consider using a water resistance green rock in areas that have high moisture concentration such as the bathrooms and kitchens. You can also find a drywall that has the same fiber materials used in tile backer boards that can be used on walls that will go with the tiles.

You will need the joining material. Sheetrock mud is the material commonly used by homeowners who consider installing the drywall on their own. You will find the paste which is usually in pre-mixed form and you need to mix on your own using water. In case you are doing some repairs or fixing some patches, there is a material that can be applied for fast drying.

You will need to have a joint tape which you can purchase in form of a paper. This tape need to be used with the joint compound. It is applied mostly when doing repairs because it t rid of one process at a time. You will need screws and nails but most people are considering the screws because of the speed of the screw guns during the installation.

With a few basic tools, you can comfortably do the job.

You will need a draw knife which look like a spatula and it’s used for spreading the joining the compound. They come with different sizes ranging from different widths. A mud is needed for holding the joining mud. They are either metallic or plastic and a thin enough to hold with one hand.

The most critical part of the job is finishing. It’s called floating and taping. When taping the seams, you can use paper fiber or the tape. You spread the mud over the seam using the dry knife pushing the tape into the mud. The excess mud should be removed using the knife. Before applying the first skim coat, you should wait for the mud to dry.

To achieve a uniform surface without bumps, you need to float the seams using one or two coats. A good mud mixing proportion is what will determine the success of the job

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